YALAjourney ANDALUCIA 8/14 July 2018
YALAjourney ANDALUCIA 8/14 July 2018
YALAjourney ANDALUCIA 8/14 July 2018
YALAjourney ANDALUCIA 8/14 July 2018
YALAjourney ANDALUCIA 8/14 July 2018
YALAjourney ANDALUCIA 8/14 July 2018
YALAjourney ANDALUCIA 8/14 July 2018
YALAjourney ANDALUCIA 8/14 July 2018
YALAjourney ANDALUCIA 8/14 July 2018

YALAjourney ANDALUCIA 8/14 July 2018

$1,890 USD

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An ARTful YALAjourney to discover the land of the SUN

It is not just a yoga retreat, YALACollective invites you to embark to a unique artistic journey in the MYSTIC SOUTH OF SPAIN, a place possessed by Arabic and Christian richness and aflamenco dancing way of living that seems to belong to a remote past.

Our home is the XV century La Cartuja Monastery, a Moorish settlement since the 13th century, worked as a Jerónimo monastery for 50 years, and as a Carthusian monastery for another 400 years.

Our journey explores mystic Cordoba, and its spectacular XIII century Mosque, full of Byzantine mosaics, one of the many treasures that the Arab world gave to Spain. Beautiful Seville chosen by Lonely Planet’s Best in Travel city in 2018, will be our next stop to explore its extensive historic center, its transformation from a traffic-congested metropolis to a fully drawn historical and artistic capital city, where Spain’s greatest baroque artists Diego Velázquez and Esteban Murillo were born. Our journey will be shaken by a flamenco show night at the “Casa de la Memoria”.


From 8th to 14th July 2018

7 days immersed in the South of Spain, a land of light, and a melting pot of history, cultures, and traditions.

*All-inclusive package ANDALUCIA YALAjourney (7days of Yoga + Cartuja Monastery + Cordoba + Seville) 1550/pp (+3%card fees)

(Not included: flights, transfers or dinners in Cordoba and Seville)



Andalusia is a land of light, the birthplace of flamenco and sevillanas, the homeland of poets and artists; a melting pot of cultures, religions and traditions.



- 7days all-inclusive YALAJourney in Anadalusia, Spain

- Morning class of Meditation, Pranayama and Asthanga/Vinyasa yoga.

- Evening Yin Yoga classes.

- Daily vegetarian brunch and dinner with fresh local produce and scents.

- Trip to Cordoba + Visit to “La Mezquita”

- Trip to Seville + Flamenco show at the “Casa de la Memoria”


Not included :

- Flights

- Transfers to and from airport

- Dinners in Cordoba or Sevilla

- Private massages or therapies


Francesca and Carolina have prepared a harmonious and fully balanced Relaxing and Refreshing Yoga program that will gradually guide the journey.

Our yoga program is adapted to all levels of practitioners. Suitable for the very best beginners, as well as the advanced who wish to continue deepening in this rich millenary science.

Early morning will be all about meditation, energy balancing and breathing techniques. We will then practice a full Yang sequence: Ashtanga Yoga, with all the focus on alignment, energy flow and asana adaptation. In the afternoon we will delve into Yin and Restorative practices, as well as Automassages classes that will balance out all the energies.


Anne Marie and Benjamin, founders of LA PACHAMAMA ORGANIC Kitchen and Garden, will feed us during our ARTful YALAjourney. The symbiosis of kitchen and garden is the heartbeat of their food philosophy. Kitchens and gardens need each other. Cooking and gardening are an inseparable, utterly interdependent and intimate duo that mirror one another’s needs & desires.


The PACHAMAMA ORGANIC kitchen offers delicious 100% organic plant-based whole foods in harmony with Mother Nature. The believe that the most direct way in which we can eat our way to better health is by taking better care of Mother Earth with produce, grown and created in a friendly, respectful and mindful environment.

Anne Marie and BenjaminThey have prepared for us an exciting and fulfilling food journey all natural plant-based in the most delicious ways that suits our journey to an ARTful self-discovery.


To ensure the high quality of the courses and visits, the YALAjourney Kerala is limited to a maximum of 12 participants!